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Film No. 1 ‘MATCH’

Yoko Ono - Film No. 1 'Match'

FILM No. 1 ‘MATCH’ (1966)

One day George Maciunas called me and said he’d got the use of a high-speed camera and it’s a good opportunity, so just come over (to Peter Moore’s apartment on East 36th St) and make some films. So I went there, and the high-speed camera was set up and he said “Give me some ideas! Think of some ideas for films!” There weren’t many people around. At the beginning just George and Peter Moore were there, and Barbara Moore came too. Other people were coming in – I forget who they were – but not many. When I arrived, I was the only person there, outside of George. I don’t know how George managed to get the high speed camera. I don’t think he paid for it. But it was the kind of opportunity that if you can get it, you grab it. So I’m there, and I got the idea of Match and Eyeblink and we shot them.


FILM No. 1 ‘MATCH’ (1966)
16mm film, black & white.


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  1. Is there any chance of downloading your art films? as we got Bed Peace on youtube..Would be wonderful those beautiful films like “Fly”, “Cut Piece” etc. I love you, Yoko.

  2. Together Match and Eyeblink evolved into an imaginary camera with
    the match being the foot stop (F),
    the flame becoming the exposure,
    the eye is the lens,
    the eye blink is the shutter speed.

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