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Yoko at Indica (1966)

Yoko at Indica (1966)


Hide your mouth at all times.
The government should pass a law to
prohibit such indecent exposure.

Yoko Ono 1965

Indica was the only fresh and cutting edge gallery at the time in London which fit my work like socks. While the American art world was still giving heavy credence to Abstract Expressionism and Pop Art, Indica was daring to present the indication of where art was going in the future. I think Brits should know that. It started with Indica. With his granny spectacles and Oxford accent, I though John Dunbar epitomized cool. Roman Polanski and Sharon Tate dropped in. They spotted Play It By Trust – my all white chessboard – and started playing. I was surprised at how beautiful and elegant Sharon was. Roman had a certain European elegance in his manner, too. I was totally impressed by both of them.

Yoko Ono


London, 1966.

This is the cover of the catalogue for Yoko Ono’s 1966 show “Unfinished Paintings and Objects” at Indica Gallery, London.
The cover photograph is of an ‘event’ that Yoko performed during the show called ‘Hide Mouth’.

Pieces exhibited at the Indica show included:
Chess Set (later renamed Play It By Trust), Balance Piece, Ceiling Painting, and Apple.

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  1. I will agree to such a law because it would prevent witnessing the lies that politicians proclaim especially during elections which is totally indecent.
    Global warming would cease because the political hot breath would finally be controlled.
    You could have all the milk moustaches you want and forget about chapped lips.
    Bad breath would become obsolete and I could prosper in the bandana & smiley face business.

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