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Freight Train (1999)

Yoko Ono - Freight Train (1999)


“FREIGHT TRAIN is a reminder of the violence and pain which people all over the world are suffering and, I hope, an inspiration to resist it.”

FREIGHT TRAIN consists of a freight train carriage with a locked door, riddled with bullet holes. Inside the carriage, there is a very strong light source sending beams of white light out of all the bullet holes and from a singular large hole in the roof.

The concept of FREIGHT TRAIN comes from a specific instance of human brutality. Several years ago, a group of Mexican workers attempting to enter the United States, were locked inside a freight train for the crossing, and perished when the transporters abandoned the train in the American desert. This single incident inspired the artist to create an artwork expressing resistance, healing, and hope for the next century.

100 Locked train carriage with bullet holes, light and sound effects.

Freight Train was first exhibited in Berlin in 2000 and then exhibited in Yokohama in 2001-2002.
A sound element was added by the artist in 2001 for the Japanese exhibition.

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