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A Hole (2010)

Yoko Ono - A Hole (2010)

A HOLE (2010)


A HOLE is a work which asks you to change your position twice to observe it.
Once from the front to see yourself as the shooter.
Once from the back to see yourself as the one being shot.

The world is full of violence and we all live in fear.
I don’t like the idea of sweeping problems and fears under the rug.
Let’s face it and solve it together.

Yoko Ono

A HOLE (2010)
Pane of glass with a single bullet hole in the centre.
A HOLE was first exhibited in Berlin in 2010.

NO, NO, NO (1981)

NO, NO, NO was written and sung by a woman who was in such a pain that her heart was cracking while she kept her mind clear, so she could survive for herself and for her son. Of course that was me – right after John passed away.

When John was still alive, he kept whispering to Sean that he would always be there for Sean and protect him.

So when John left, Sean kept saying “a promise is made to be broken”, making it lighter than what it was. He was in pain.

Sean loved this song. Each time when I sung “I don’t remember what you promeeesed” and elongated the end of it, he used to let his body go down at the same time to the floor. I remember how hard it was for me to go through that period, especially, knowing how Sean was managing to hide his tears.

Yoko Ono
29 May 2011

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