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Ex-It (1997)

Yoko Ono - Ex-It (1997)

EX-IT (1997)

“From each one of these coffins, there is a tree growing from it with leaves, so that from a distance it looks like a forest or a wood. That is what a wood is. What we see is not what we have restored. When a tree dies it becomes a fertilizer for the next tree to grow. I think when you see that and that there seems to be a balance, it somehow makes you feel that “this is all right”. When we die, maybe, we are all going to be trees.”

EX-IT (1997)
100 unpainted coffins with fruit trees and bird song.

Photograph: “Ex It” Installation view – L’Almodi, Valencia, Spain, 1997
Photographer: Miguel Angel Valero, ©1997 Yoko Ono

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  1. Hello Yoko,
    I’m pretty overwhelmed by your letter, your Love and the Peace Tower in Iceland. Yes, I will spread the word and wish you Joy, Light, and Lots of Love in 2013. I would love to go to Iceland to see how beautiful it is and to gaze at the “Lighthouse” you built for John so am very grateful that you invite us to remember it is there, a Beacon of Hope for a World with Peace. Thank You Yoko

  2. At death many people are actually planted into the ground and the soil absorbs the nutrients of that individual.

    Yes, you can become a tree.

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