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Balance Piece (2010)


a) Build a room with a strong electric magnet set on the left side
wall so everything in the room is drawn to the left a little in time.
This will be a good balance for your mind which is going to the right
a little in time.

b) When the city is covered with snow keep your room messy.
When the snow creates a mess in the city by melting about, keep
your room tidy. Or vice versa.

c) Think of other secret ways of balancing situations and the world
that you know of but are not aware that you know of. Do them.

Materials: wood, metal, paint, flash lights.
The Museo d’Arte Contemporanea Donna Regina (M.A.D.RE) Via Settembrini, Napoli.
Photograph: ©2010 Yoko Ono

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  1. Stand and stretch both arms extended and point in opposite directions. The more you stretch your arms the closer you will feel the center of your body balancing the awareness of your mind.

    I was unaware til I tried it.

  2. Balance a hair on the edge of your desk.
    See if you can work all day and the hair not fall off onto the floor.
    If it does, be happy as the hair has probably joined other hairs.

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