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Amaze (1971)

AMAZE (1971)
Amaze was designed and built (in collaboration with George Maciunas) for Yoko’s 1971 retrospective at the Everson Museum. It is a 16-foot square structure made of clear Plexiglass. The centre cubicle – where a visitor arrived if he or she ‘solved’ the maze – was constructed of one-way-mirror-finish Plexiglas. Occupants of the cubicle could see out in all directions but were mostly invisible to viewers on the outside. This central cubicle contained a toilet.

AMAZE (1971)
Installation view, “This Is Not Here” exhibition at Everson Museum of Art, Syracuse, 1971.
Photograph: Iain Macmillan © Yoko Ono

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  1. Had a #2 & came out in a Daze!…now that’s Amaze, a maze to keep your mind involved in seeing not just being but also seeing how life come’s at you in different way’s! Smile even for a short while i ii iii < Yoko pass's her Smile's by Mile's ahead to you and i ii iii < I got one too!, pass Yoko's Smile on please it make's the day so much better, even if it's tough' &! Amaze it can be easy to get rid of any Craze!"All we need is a Smile" while we weight for there cubicle! love peace and seeing the question you need answered! xx B&T :-) Smiling I II III one to Free us!. smilemediagroup Brian. Comment would not receive? xx

  2. This maze reminds me of our intestines so we can take the long way home. If you want to take a shortcut, bring a laxative with you.
    Either way you exit through a hole.
    Don’t forget to flush.

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