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Air Dispenser (1971)

Stainless steel and glass candy dispenser, empty plastic capsules.
Inscribed on top cover: AIR CAPSULES BY YOKO ONO 10¢

Installation view, “This Is Not Here” exhibition at Everson Museum of Art, Syracuse, 1971.
Photograph: Iain Macmillan © Yoko Ono

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  1. Soon we just may be needing to have! to pay, “with no free will” for the Air we need to properly breathe!.Can we.i ii iii , while they aero-soil our “Earth-Heart!”Evil-Live”….? Choice-I-ChoeC, :-/ No!…i ii iii :-) , Negativity NOW grow’s quicker than GME seed’s…so why help them choke our Planet? we need to breathe life back into each other, cause life is our last chance to learn our work here, which is almost done? but not till we stop all that is disturbing our children’s future!..x i ii iii Smiling Always!. ……………….? off subject..I can’t log into F/B nor G+1 ? odd! i ii iii ;-)

  2. Air capsules can be very beneficial for your body as well as other useful tasks depending on the dosage.

    Catching your breath
    Holding your breath
    Being in a smokey room
    Swimming underwater
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    Blowing up balloons
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